For us, the most important thing is what is of greatest value to our clients.

Our Goals

The main objective of HECSEB is to satisfy your needs, looking for the most effective means to achieve the best final result.

  • Hear what you need to provide the best service.
  • Work, with the highest possible quality, until you are completely satisfied with the final result.
  • Dedicate all the necessary time to the steps you request so that you do not have anything to worry about.
  • Work to be leaders in the sector, and be recognized for our quality in the treatment and service to you and all our clients.

Our services

Asesoria Fiscal

Tax and legal advice

We offer the best advice and we take charge of managing and preparing the necessary documents.

Cuidado Propiedades

Property care and maintenance

We take care of the exteriors and interiors of your properties as well as we take care of the necessary repairs to maintain the good condition of it.


Real estate

We look for homes that fit your needs. We prepare documents, contracts, direct debits, etc., and we fix and clean your properties after the tenants leave.



We provide all kinds of transportation service. We take care of the repairs of your vehicle and ITV. We provide vehicles for rent or to take your own wherever you want.

Parkin Aeropuerto

Airport parking

We provide services at the airports of Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. We take care of collecting your vehicle and taking care of it, as well as having a parking service for short and long stays. (Low Cost Service)

Otros Servicios

Other services

Other services we provide are translation, either by phone, or by translating official documents. We take care of the care and management of the keys to your properties. We have a moving, cleaning and catering service. We manage medical procedures and supplier companies. We also prepare forms, applications and documents.

Quienes Somos

About us

In 2009 HECSEB took its first steps in the search for opportunities to manage and administer everything for which our clients do not have the knowledge or resources to ensure the best care and management of their interests. With a small group of clients, that same year we opened an office in Alicante with the philosophy of achieving excellence in the provision of services.

For us it is essential to maintain a personalized and close treatment with the client.

Our desire to provide the best service in everything that our clients need, have kept us in constant training and work, always focusing on our main objectives. In this way, HECSEB was consolidating a portfolio of clients that made us grow every day in knowledge and experience.

New Times
In 2021 we are committed to providing a more specific service in property management and administration, opening new commercial horizons with national and international real estate brokerage.



The CPI in Rentals

Knowing how and when the rent of an apartment should be updated is essential to avoid problems with the landlord or the tenant. In Spain,

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